Eurowings Seeks Compensation: Airline Demands Damages from Climate Activists

2023-12-17 08:28:03

The airline is demanding this on behalf of all Lufthansa subsidiaries Eurowings According to a media report from climate activists “Last Generation” due to their blockade actions at several German airports totaling damages 740.000 Euro.

Some defendants have already been served payment requests, the newspaper reports Picture on Sunday.

It had already become known in October that Eurowings was seeking compensation, but the amount was too high 120.000 Euro still significantly lower.

➤ Find out more here: Eurowings wants compensation from “Last Generation”

Crossing borders

Minister of transport Volker Wissing announced in the previously published article that, in view of the incidents, they wanted to advocate for a tightening of the aviation security law. He is discussing this with the Minister of Justice Marco Buschmannalso FDP, agreed.

“Blockades of airports with the aim of disrupting operations there far exceed the limits of legitimate protest. These are not trivial crimes either,” Wissing said in the Picture on Sunday quoted. An increase in punishment should come as quickly as possible.

More about the situation in Austria: The climate stickers and the mafia: investigations cause irritation

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