Exciting Victory at Morocco Royal Tour: Emanuele Gaudiano Wins Grand Prix in Tetouan

2023-10-08 21:52:17

A loyal member of the Morocco Royal Tour, during which he has won numerous events over the years, Emanuele Gaudiano has never before won the Grand Prix on his first stage, in Tetouan. This is now done thanks to Nikolaj de Music, who allowed him to beat Cyril Cools and Milton this Sunday in the North of Morocco. André Thieme, for his part, completed the podium alongside Conacco.

Thirty-five couples were at the start of the 1.55m Grand Prix at the CSI 4*-W in Tetouan, this Sunday October 8 at the end of the afternoon. For the first round of this stage of the show jumping World Cup, course manager Grégory Bodo had placed thirteen obstacles, including a triple and a double, on the track of the city on the edge of the Mediterranean. “When I build a course, I take into account the field of horses, of course, but here, I must also take into account the large crowd, which reacted with force and made each horse experience this event”explained the man who will officiate next year at the Paris Olympic Games with Santiago Varela Ullastres. “My idea was to offer a World Cup course, a Grand Prix designed for horses, in forward movement, with the aim of protecting them. It was a course that was open and should be accessible to everyone, and this was the case given the number of four-point courses (twelve, editor’s note).”

Only the fastest of these four-point laps allowed its author, Nicolas Deseuzes, to obtain his ticket for the second round of the event. The Frenchman, who was riding his very good Eldorado Sunheup, finally finished ninth after making an additional mistake during his second pass, where he was pitted against eight other riders including three Italians. Statistically, it was therefore the Italian anthem which had the most chance of playing at the end of the competition, and that is what happened. The very last to start this competition, Emanuele Gaudiano made everyone agree alongside Nikolaj de Music thanks to a double clear round finished in 39”33, which allowed him to inflict almost two seconds of disbursement to the competition. “I made this difference mainly between the antepenultimate obstacle and the penultimate, where I asked Nikolaj for four strides while the others took five”explained this great devotee of the Morocco Royal Tour, who had never won the Grand Prix of the first stage of the circuit. “Afterwards, I left very quickly towards the last obstacle. When young, Nikolaj was not an easy horse. I have been riding him since he was four years old, he is indeed very strong (smile), but now he’s a good CSI 4* and 5* horse.”

Cyril Cools and Milton, fourth in two 2* Grands Prix during the last two international competitions they competed in before this weekend, this time took the second step of the podium with their time of 41”15. The 2021 European champion, André Thieme, completed the leading trio at the reins of Conacco, who cut the cells in 41”41, while Roberto Previtali and Barbara Schnieper delivered the last two doubles without- fault of this stage of the World Cup with Conthargo-Blue and Canice. On the French side, if Nicolas Deseuzes achieved the best performance, Jeanne Sadran finished just behind him, in tenth place and at the gates of the second round, associated with Unforgettable Damvil. Like the rider from the Chev’El stables, Emeric George, Simon Delestre and Ines Joly suffered four points in the saddle on Calisco de Terlong, Olga van de Kruisheve and Pegasus Deau Re MI to finish thirteenth, fourteen and seventeenth. Antoine Ermann and Comic Star, for their part, earned twelve points.

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Elian Baumann deprives Simon Delestre of a third victory

A little earlier in the day, the 1.50m event with winning round disputed on the Tetouan track fell into the hands of Elian Baumann, who had bet on Hold Up Di Vico P. By crossing the finish line in 37”15, both prevented Simon Delestre from offering himself a third victory this weekend after his successes in the first two major events of the competition. Associated with Crack d’Aiguilly, the Lorraine had received a penalty point during his first passage, but he benefited from the format of the winning round , where all the counters are reset to zero in the second act, since he signed a flawless performance and cut the cells in 38”62. Bart Clarys and Oscar van Spieveld completed the leading trio, while a second Frenchwoman qualified for the second round in the person of Ines Joly, finally fifth with Pegasus Dawsons Flex.

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