EXCLUSIVE – Very small businesses have a bad image of national employers’ organizations

2023-06-26 16:56:26

We talk a lot about the image of unions among employees, which the pension dispute has also improved. Less than that of employers’ organizations with their constituents: companies in general, and the smallest in particular. It is on this last subject that a survey published exclusively by “Les Echos” carried out by Ifop for Fiducial is looking.

Eight years after the previous weighing of 2015, the institute questioned a sample of 1,001 business leaders with 0 to 19 employees achieving more than 50,000 euros in turnover to find out what they thought of their representatives. The survey shows that employers’ organizations as a whole have a bit to worry about: 54% of small businesses say they have a bad image of themselves, and of these 18% have a very bad image.

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