Explore Egypt’s Historic Tourism Attractions: A Guide to the Top Destinations

2023-07-10 17:58:19
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Tourism Minister Ahmed Eissa said, on Monday, that Egypt received nearly 7 million tourists in the first half of the current year 2023, which is the highest in the country’s history during this period.

With this achievement, Egypt is close to achieving the year-wide target of 15 million tourists, as the country is a tourist destination for visitors, thanks to its historical tourist attractions.

The minister stated that 10 percent of the number of tourists coming to Egypt in the first half of this year came from Germany, and Russian tourists came in second place, despite the conditions of the ongoing war with Ukraine, and it is expected that the number of visitors in the second half of the year will be greater. From the half ending June 31.

With regard to the expectations of 2024, the Minister of Tourism estimated that the number of tourists coming to Egypt will grow next year to 18 million tourists, in light of the potential of the current tourism market in Egypt, after Egypt recorded the highest number of visitors in 2010 when it reached 14.7 million tourists.

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According to official statistics, about 11.7 million tourists visited Egypt during the year 2022, and the Ministry of Tourism expected at that time that the current year would witness a growth in incoming tourism by 28 percent.

Last March, the Minister of Tourism said that the inbound tourism movement in January and February witnessed a growth of 35 percent compared to the same period last year.

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Egypt relies mainly on tourism to be one of the main sources of foreign currency in Egypt, at a time when it is suffering from an economic crisis resulting from the scarcity of the dollar.

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