Exploring the End of the World: A Researcher’s Journey in the Falklands

2023-12-31 19:36:09

The end of the world before your eyes. Amandine Gamble dreamed of traveling adventures. His job took him to the heart of nature. The Falklands archipelago that the English call Falklands is an open-air laboratory for scientists. Amandine studies the circulation of diseases in birds. She is coming for the fourth time. Very quickly, we feel like we are leaving civilization. The small capital Stanley and its 3,000 inhabitants give way to a vast desert. First reflex when arriving, biosecurity. Clean the soles to avoid the introduction of germs. The life of a researcher is sometimes camping in the wind, in the rain, sometimes the comfort of a cottage on the farm. The mission is to draw up an inventory of the health situation of birds in the Falklands. This is what Amandine had come to look for, birds untouched by any epidemiological study. A colony of small penguins, rockhopper penguins. They nest there with imperial cormorants. More details in the video at the top of this article. TF1 | Report M. Izard, B. Lachat, P. Boivin

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