Exploring the Exciting New Team Deathmatch Mode in VALORANT: An Interview with the Sanook Team

2023-06-24 04:00:00
Before entering the finals of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo or VCT Master Tokyo 2023, the Masters Tournament of the APAC Zone, VALORANT Games on Sunday, June 25th, we at Sanook had the opportunity to interview the Sanook team. Developing the newest game mode that has already been launched, Team Deathmatch mode by the team of Rioters that we have had a chance to talk to. And get to know each other today are Mr. Coleman Palm (Director of Product Management) and Kyle Powell (Game Designer), two heads in charge of developing a new play mode Sanook: Competitive VALORANT. who are Rioters, what kind of rhythm do you like more between High-level play that showcases personal skill and shooting accuracy, excellent coordination, or some hilarious or silly moments from the players? Coleman: I like the kind of play where contestants can show off their unbeatable skill play. But personally, I like being a Shot-Caller who plans and schedules the work of the team. And look at it more successful. Kyle: Personally, I like the accuracy of shooting. The speed of dealing with each other’s opponents is the same. But if I had to choose I prefer to see the great coordination of each team player. Sanook: In developing Team Deathmatch mode, what differs from other game deathmatch modes is that each firearm is assigned to each stage of play, or All four phases together What is the deciding factor for each phase? Price of that gun? Type of gun? Or are there other factors? Kyle: Price is a factor we use. but the main thing We pay attention to which guns will be selected in which phases of Team Deathmatch depending on the tempo of the game at various moments. Of the normal competition as well, for example Phase 1 we will count it as equivalent to a Pistol Round and Phase 4 we will count it as the period when everyone is Full Buy or buy a Vandal type gun, so we decide to arrange the guns in the two Phases. That interesting point is the selection of guns to put in the second and third phase separately. Because it’s right in the middle. We choose to look at the Eco Round or the round of playing that will not be bought in full. To play without a gun at all is not really. What guns players can choose to buy in that Round and arrange the price and value as the guns of both Phases again, which players will now be able to show their personal abilities. And they need to be able to use a variety of guns. According to the guns that each Phase is assigned to Sanook: How about support for this Team Deathmatch mode in the future? Will the game have a balance adjustment specifically for this mode? Including developing more specific maps for this mode. Coleman: We are preparing a team and a plan to balance this mode like any other mode has done. But because in this team deathmatch mode, the goal of playing is very different. Players do not need to place spikes like in normal play or Ranked. The handling of firearms is different. There is a gun in the scene. Ulti skills are stored. The map has changed Including each person’s skill becoming a cooldown instead of buying it to use every round As for the map, we are thinking and planning how to develop it further, including plans to support this mode in the future. Sanook: Yes Planning to develop this mode of play Or a mode of play that casual players or players who do not want to experience the seriousness or in-depth planning of normal play mode. In the future or not? Coleman: What’s the first thing we look for or philosophy in developing new modes? Our thing is that we are looking for something to offer players such as in Swift Play or Team Deathmatch modes. Or players who enjoy Uptime or shooting battles more. We’re delivering it through the Team Deathmatch gameplay mode, which after our new mode is released to players. We’ll check to see how players feel about it. We still have any opportunities or gaps that players feel are missing. We will look for it and fill it for the players. That makes future plans are uncertain. You can watch VCT Master Japan 2023 by following the link below.

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