Finally, good news..there are no more serious symptoms for the new corona mutator

Scientists are racing once morest time to find solutions to end a crisis novel coronavirus It has been rampant around the world for more than two years, claiming millions of lives.

And in new research, the World Health Organization confirmed, on Tuesday, that the second version of the “Omicron” mutant known as “BA.2, which is spread especially in Denmark, does not cause more serious disease symptoms than the original version.” BA.1, commonly known as Omicron, is currently spreading among countries.

There is no difference in terms of risk

In the details, the WHO official in charge of combating Corona, Maria Van Kerkhove, reassured, during a press conference via social media, that the research did not reveal any difference in terms of risk between PA1 and PA2 and therefore the level is the same in terms of hospitalization risks. , as she put it.

She also added that this conclusion is really important, because in several countries there was a large outbreak of version PA1 as well as version PA.2, stressing that this result was reached by an expert advisory committee on the development of the virus that causes corona disease two days ago.

Do not disassemble the equipment

The UN official also took advantage of the opportunity to call on countries around the world not to dismantle the devices that are used to detect new mutated versions of the virus, in parallel with lifting health restrictions in many countries, she said.

It is noteworthy that BA.2, which is a new term derived from the omicron mutant but is faster than it, is considered dangerous because it does not appear in the analysis of corona detection “BCR”, which made some call it “the hidden omicron”.

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The new version of Omicron “BA.2” spread quickly in some European countries, such as Denmark, and cases of “BA.2” were also detected in California and Texas, in the United States, according to a report by CNN.

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