Florencia de la V gave her opinion about The Hotel of the Famous

Florence of the V He returned to driving after a few weeks of vacation and spoke forcefully about the topics of the week. Like most entertainment news cycles, “Intruders” also covered the premiere of the “Celebrity Hotel” and the presenter did not keep any of her opinions in this regard.

“‘The Hotel Transylvania’ is back. If you thought that the celebrities of last year were cabotage, now directly… ». Flor de la V said between laughs about the cast chosen to star in the Canal Trece contest. Following the train of her sharp humor, the artist made a soccer analogy: “We went to B!”.

Also, the cheerleader America TV He referred to Marengo’s appearance on the coexistence program: “Marengo is Susana Giménez there. In that cast she is Susana, Mirtha and Moria all together ”. “It was a mixture of feelings, this happened in October,” she remarked about the program because it does not go live.

«Charlotte Caniggia with a wig, wanting to imitate what had been seen. She was embarrassed… »added the famous without a filter. To close with a cloak of mercy, Florencia de la V highlighted the creativity of the games that are made in “The Hotel of the Famous”: “The only thing I can say is good are the games, someone has to leave everything, break live” .

great promises

«Nor do I know how they got in like this. Either they were single a long time ago, or they said ‘You know what? Let’s go with everything from the beginning’”, Pampita explained about the strong interactions between the contestants. In this context, the model pointed out: “We stayed like grandparents with Chino. We wonder ‘Whoa! Is all this happening already?’ We didn’t understand anything!”

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