Focus Entertainment Announces Acquisition of “WW1 Game Series BV”, Creator of World War I Shooters “Verdun” and “Tannenberg” « doope!

Today, Focus Entertainment issued a press release announcing the WW1-themed multiplayer shooters “Verdun” and “Tannenberg,” and the highly anticipated Italian/Alpine front shooter “Isonzo,” about to launch. Games) has acquired Dutch developer WW1 Game Series BV.

This acquisition is the majority of the shares of “WW1 Game Series BV” held by the parent company M2H, which was also the publisher and co-development studio of the WW1 shooter series, and the studio’s founder and creative director Jos Hoebe. It holds a 33.33% stake, and will change the name of the studio to “BlackMill Games BV” and continue to operate as an independent studio.

In addition, Focus Entertainment and BlackMill Games have hinted at further development of the WW1 shooter series, as well as strengthening their work on “Isonzo,” which will launch tomorrow, raising expectations for the future of the series.

Reference: “Isonzo” gameplay trailer released in June this year

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