Focus on the Covid crisis “Omicron”, infected in mid-April, the most severe patient in May.

Dr. Sophon Iamsirithavorn, Deputy Director-GeneralDepartment of Disease Control Announcement of the disease situation reportCovid-19 In Thailand that surveillance from January 1 to March 3, 2022 found that it is now an epidemic of infection. “Omicron” or “Omicron” almost all and tends to increase rapidly The average daily number of infected people for 14 days is 21,966.

Dr. Sophon said that with the number of infected people increasing. As a result, the number of patients with severe symptoms increased as well. “Omicron” cause the severity of the disease less than the infection “delta” But with the increasing number of infected people Therefore, the number of people who need to be treated in the hospital with severe symptoms such as pneumonia, followed by an increase in the last 2 weeks The number of pneumonia cases was relatively high, about 1.5 times, while the number of patients requiring tracheal intubation also doubled from 184 people in hospital on March 3, rising to 337, as well as the death toll. increased But the rate of serious morbidity and mortality is still lower than that of Delta.

In addition, there are elderly people – at risk groups. who have not received a number of vaccines causing the situation of the deceased to increase For intubation patient situations still worried Because the actual situation line is moving higher, in the scene, there is a chance to go up to the highest scene. Please help to follow the measures, including vaccination to prevent severe symptoms. It is expected that the peak of the outbreak. causing severe symptoms will be in early May.

Dr Sophon said that looking at the number of new cases, he found that he was at a risk of continually being infected. bottom line or “Green Line” It won’t be true at this time. If looking at the increase in the number of infected people in Thailand which has a chance to be a line of “yellow” and “Red” If the yellow line, the number of infected people will increase, it is likely to be around 50,000 people during the post-Songkran period around April 19, 2022, but if strict measures cannot be maintained There may be a chance that there will be more than 50,000 cases per day, but I believe that if we can manage the situation better. before Songkran We can see the peak of the outbreak before that.

Dr. Sophon said that the high percentage of infections in the group at the moment are working age people aged 20-29 years, accounting for about 1,370 cases per 100,000 population, followed by 30-39 years of age. infection in children is higher Compared to the previous wave which has been increasing all the time In children between 0-2 years infected 2.4 percent, 3-4 years old 1.8% infected, 5-11 years old 7.6% infected and aged 12-17 years infected hundreds. 6.6 each, which is higher than the previous outbreak, but the age group 5-11 this year can be vaccinated. This will help reduce the chance of infection and reduce the spread of infection in the family.

“The hottest groups are 10-19 years old and 0-9 years old, which are school-age children. But many of these infections did not result in serious illness and death. But when looking at the morbidity and mortality rate, it was found that when the epidemic causing the elderly to become more infected.

Dr. Sophon said that now the elderly themselves It has a lower infection rate than young people. But there is a higher mortality rate. In the age group 70 years and older, if infected, there is a 3% chance of death, if 60-69 years old has a 0.62% chance of death, and 50-59 years old has a chance of dying. 0.21, which this group will begin to have congenital disease when analyzing the data in more detail Found that elderly people 60 years and over during January 1 – February 28, more than 928 deaths, of which no history of vaccination, 557, representing 60 percent, received 1 injection of 77 percent of the vaccine. 8, received 2 injections of 271 cases, representing 29 percent, and receiving 3 doses of vaccines, 23 people, representing 2%, compared to the elderly. Of the vaccinated and unvaccinated elderly, there are approximately 2.17 million unvaccinated elderly, of which 557 have died, representing 257 deaths per million. One dose of vaccine has about 600,000 cases, 77 deaths, representing a rate of 133 cases per million people, elderly people who have received 2 injections have about 6.25 million, 271 deaths, representing a rate of 43 cases per million people, which is 6-fold reduction in mortality, but if the elderly who received three doses of vaccine, now about 3.70 million, 23 deaths, representing 6 deaths per million, is a 41-fold reduction in mortality. If the 2nd needle has been completed for more than 3 months, get an injection.Booster Dose orvaccination needle 3 to reduce the mortality rate

Dr. Sophon reiterated that if helping to take care of the elders in the house educating create understanding and bring the elderly to receive vaccinations before Songkran therefore it is very important which usually the elderly in the provinces will have children to visit during Songkran last year There are many families who have lost the elderly. from the children’s visit Along with bringing the virus COVID-19 with this kind of event We don’t want that to happen this year. The elderly must be vaccinated before Songkran. Children can visit with peace of mind. And the children themselves also need to be vaccinated. and check to see if there are no symptoms or infection

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