For more benefits.. Here is the optimal time to soak the tea in water

The time during which the tea bag is left steeped in the cup or cup varies according to the taste that each person prefers or is accustomed to. There can be people who have been drinking tea their whole life and still not sure how long they should leave the tea bag drenched in boiling water to get a healthy cup of tea, according to Well+Good.

Better taste and many benefits

According to Steve Schwartz, author of The Art of Tea: A Journey of Ritual, Discovery, and Impact, when it comes to steeping tea, there is not necessarily a wrong method, but there is a strategy for preparing it with the goal of a better experience in terms of taste and more. of benefits.

Each type of tea has its peak “ripening” and temperature, which tastes best and offers the most benefits. “The benefit of withdrawing the tea bag from the cup at a specific time is to prevent it from reaching its past ripening point,” Schwartz says. For example, when preparing Japanese green tea, it prefers a lower water temperature and a short steeping time to produce the best flavor; On the other hand, a tea bag can be steeped multiple times and still extract those flavors and benefits.


Schwartz adds that “more benefits can be had the longer the tea bag is steeped, including more flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants, but there will also be more caffeine and tannins, which can lead to a more bitter and unpalatable drink the longer it takes.” Drinking tea, in other words, will increase the consumption of compounds that support immunity and fight free radicals, which are important for the health of the body, but will miss the pleasant taste.

Moreover, scientific research has found that there is a specific time when the benefits that can be obtained from the tea drink reach the saturation point. Conversely, if a tea bag is left for too short a person may not get as many flavonoids, and a cup of tea will have a weaker and more delicate flavour.

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Your rules are simple

Schwartz explains that the secret lies in balancing a cup of tea that has a rich and delicious flavor and provides a person with health benefits. Schwartz recommends two simple rules for the perfect cup of tea every time. The first rule is to choose high-quality whole-leaf teas whenever available. These have a higher concentration of benefits because they have not been ground, and therefore have higher nutritional benefits. The second rule is to follow the instructions on the packaging, especially the duration of leaving the tea leaves or bag in the cup, and the temperature.

1 to 3 minutes

Schwartz explains, “Rigorous testing is done, including the duration of the tea bag steeping and various temperatures, to arrive at what is believed to work best and is generally 1-3 minutes, recognizing that there is a range of times and temperatures to be followed depending on class of tea.

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