Franck Dubosc Opens Up About His Touching Memories of His Late Mother

2023-09-24 14:08:34

The actor unearthed a memory that was all the more touching since his mother died two years ago.

France 2 Published on 09/24/2023 at 4:08 p.m. By F.Gh. (DR) For Cinema-Télé-Revue

In full promotion for his latest film, “New Departure”, Franck Dubosc was received by Léa Salamé, on the set of “What a time!” » this Saturday, September 23. During the evening, he looked back on certain milestones in his career, but also in his private life, particularly mentioning his mother. For the occasion, the host dug up a letter published by her guest on her Instagram account, shortly after the death of her mother, which dates back two years. At the request of the presenter, the actor then agreed to read the letter, trying to contain his emotion. “That’s when she was sick, and so I haven’t had my mother for a long time,” he explained, before “I don’t want to have a tear, please!” »

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“Dear mother, mother. You are as sweet as a flower, because you wash my clothes. You make my bed for me, you buy food for me to eat, you waste all your money on me, you are so nice mom. When I play with my friends, you call me to come home on time…” he began, before interrupting himself, seeming to hold back sobs. “So wait… (…) I look stupid. (…) I’m going to put a log back in the fireplace. » he said, almost embarrassed by this touching moment. He then explained this outpouring of emotion which he described as a “double effect”: “It’s the little boy’s letter, and what’s more, my mother died not long ago. » The actor then managed to pull himself together and read the adorable letter in its entirety, to the applause of the set and the audience.

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