“Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar’s Umrah and Activities in Saudi Arabia”

2023-05-16 08:50:00

Loay Ali wrote

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 11:50 AM

His Eminence, the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayyib, Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar The rituals of Umrah, where he recently went to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is expected that his Eminence will meet a number of officials in the Kingdom..

Some commented on the circulating image of his virtue while he was praying in the Ihram clothes and wearing a sewn cap, and a close source explained that his virtue had finished the Umrah and cut his hair, and given that his virtue might not bear the cold air, he wore the cap until he finished his prayer. .

Before leaving Egypt, the last activities of His Eminence were during the council meeting. Dr. Salama Gomaa Dawood, President of Al-Azhar University; For winning the first place in the Government Excellence Award, the “Best Sector Head” award».

His Eminence, the Grand Imam, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, congratulated Dr. Muhammad Fikri Khader, Vice President of the University for the Girls’ Branch; The university won the second place in the Women’s Empowerment Award.

The president of the university pledged to do more giving and sincerity in performing his message towards the Kaaba of knowledge and the qiblah of scholars, Al-Azhar University. In order for it to assume its rightful place in the world in all scientific, research and societal fields.

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