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Hašek returned to the bench of the Czech national team after almost 15 years, in the autumn of 2009 as a temporary coach and at the same time the president of the union, he led the team in five matches and, just like today, he did not lose in them. He took over the national team at the beginning of January from Jaroslav Šilhavé, who, despite qualifying for the European Championship in Germany, decided to retire from the national team.

The national team did not lose in total against Czechoslovakia for the twelfth time out of 13 matches against Norway. The Czech team will finish the March program on Tuesday, when they welcome Summer Armenia in Prague in preparation. Before the start of the summer Euro, Hašek’s men will play two preparatory matches at the beginning of June.

“It’s always better to win than to lose. Above all, I’m also happy that it can be seen in the boys that they don’t let anything go and work hard. The result is of course very good, but we all saw that in terms of the game, we still have a lot to work on,” he said Hasek.

During the renewed premiere, the old coach put one of the newcomers, the best scorer of the league season, Šulec, in the starting line-up. Spartan captain Ladislav Krejčí Jr. moved from the position of stopper to the post of defensive midfielder, and Zelený started somewhat unexpectedly on the left side of the defense. In the Norwegian starting eleven, there was no shortage of mainstays Haaland and Ödegaard.

The northerners, who, unlike the Czech team, did not qualify for the summer Euro, started more actively. In the 12th minute, Haaland shot over the corner and in his 30th game for the national team, he did not score the 28th goal. In the 20th minute, the home team was already in the lead. Bobb broke free through Zelený and shot Staňek through the front post. He scored for the second time in the national team.

The guests could answer soon. Goalkeeper Nyland just deflected Provod’s shot from the side, but Schick didn’t put the ball into the net from close range. On the opposite side he headed next to Sörloth. In the 32nd minute, Nyland saved Schick’s long-range shot, but a moment later the Czechs equalized.

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Zima ran onto Souček’s cross from the right side in the 37th minute and scored the first goal for the national A team with a header from close range. “I went there a little bit blind, but we knew that they were closing the back post badly. Then when I saw the trajectory of that center, I was sure that I would put it there,” Zima told Czech Television.

At the beginning of the second act, Haška’s selection was held by Staněk. He first struck against the substitute Thorstvedt and in the 52nd minute also against the star Haaland, who had a great chance with a header from close range. After the two-way rotation, the larger options significantly decreased.

When it was beginning to seem that the teams would part amicably in the first game of the year, Barák stood up for a free kick in the 85th minute and decided with a successful attempt. “I believed in it. I knew right from the first moment that I wanted to kick it. The only option was to the goalkeeper’s side. It fit nicely and I’m glad it went that way,” said Barák.

The Fiorentina midfielder celebrated his return to the national team with a goal, where he was absent recently under the previous coach Šilhavy due to an alleged violation of team rules. He scored the ninth goal for the national team. Hašek did not lose even in the sixth duel on the bench of the Czech national team.

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