“Have they caught…?”: Vivi Kreutzberger’s furious on-screen criticism against Channel 13’s morning show

An unexpected relief was the one that Vivi Kreutzberger shared during this Monday’s chapter of More Vivi than ever, which pointed directly to the morning of Channel 13.

While in the TV+ space they repeated the most “onion” romantic songs, Daniel Valenzuela began to imitate Chayanne. By the way, he launched a particular message on the screen.

“Watch out for Your Day in the morning, so that later they can do it with Repe and with various artists!” joked the communicator. Immediately afterwards, Vivi took the floor and launched herself against the space led by José Luis Repenning and Priscilla Vargas.

Vivi Kreutzberger’s Disclaimer

“Have they caught? In the morning Tu Día they copy all the sections. All of us!”, he launched fury, although always in carving mode.

“We do this matter of changing the music lyrics in English, and two days later it comes out in the morning,” the entertainer added.

“Then, for example, we talk about the children’s birthdays, and two days later, they talk about the children’s birthdays,” Kreutzberger added. “Cut it off then!” complemented the panelist Jenny Cavallo, who also joined the critics.

“I think Nicolita (producer of the TV+ program) is in a WhatsApp group on Channel 13. Watch out there!” Daniel Valenzuela finished.

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