“Health book”, the podcast – Florent, nurse vaccinator in the bush in Benin

Published on : 04/06/2022 – 10:00

For Florent, a nurse vaccinator in Benin, it is necessary to travel to communities far from health centers. An episode of the podcast “Carnet de santé” is dedicated to him.

A defender of vaccine equity, he organizes weekly vaccination campaigns for infants and pregnant women in villages around Bohicon, in the south of Benin: ” I’m happy because it’s a job I love. It’s noble work, that’s my pride. You want some money ? So go somewhere else. If you work in healthcare, it’s to help others. »

Charlie Dupiot followed him during a day of advanced vaccination strategy, in the village of Flely, near Bohicon, where the so-called “Major” is greeted with songs by many women and their babies.

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This series is produced in partnership with the French Muskoka Fundwhich works to improve the health and well-being of women, newborns, children and adolescents by strengthening health systems by mobilizing the complementary expertise of four United Nations agencies : WHO, UN Women, UNFPA and Unicef. Together, they are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for health, gender equality and women’s empowerment in West and Central Africa.

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