High-ranking Investigation: Terry Gou’s Signature Campaign and Bribery Scandal Unveiled

2023-11-01 13:50:03

Reporter Yang Peiqi/Reporting from Taipei

The inspection continues to investigate cases involving bribery and personal information purchases by co-signed stations. (Schematic diagram/reproduced screen, not co-signed by the parties involved in the case)

Foxconn Group founder Terry Gou’s signature campaign for the presidential election was revealed one after another on suspicion of bribery and personal property purchase. Recently, the Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office launched a search summons. Chen Zhongming, the Beitou hot spring tycoon involved in the case, was released on bail of 3 million yuan pending questioning. However, the Investigation Bureau On October 31, the New Taipei City Investigation Office requested the New Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office and the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office to launch a search, summoning Beitou hot spring tycoon Chen Zhongming, Bamboo Alliance Gang boss “Zhong Kui” Li Zongkui and others to the case. After the interrogation, Li Zongkui and others were released on bail. Chen Zhongming was detained by the New Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office at the request of the New Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office. The New Taipei District Court ruled on the 1st to approve the detention.

The Beijing inspection investigation found that Li Zongkui and others were suspected of obtaining public signatures at a price of 300 yuan per copy. Tang Wenlong, chairman of the Taipei Taxi Union, and others were suspected of obtaining joint signatures at a price ranging from 200 yuan to 500 yuan per copy. After the Beijing Prosecutor’s Office resumed the trial, Li Zongkui was released on bail of 600,000 yuan pending interrogation, and Tang Wenlong was released on bail of 300,000 yuan. The remaining persons were released on bail in amounts ranging from NT$20,000 to NT$150,000 pending prosecution.

The list of summonses this time also included Beitou hot spring tycoon Chen Zhongming, who was recently released on a 3 million yuan bail. He was transferred to the New Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office for retrial. The prosecutor petitioned the court for detention, and the New Taipei District Court approved the detention.

Currently, there are Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office, Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, New Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office, Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office, Changhua District Prosecutor’s Office, Kaohsiung District Prosecutor’s Office, Pingtung District Prosecutor’s Office, and Kinmen District Prosecutor’s Office. The Yilan District Prosecutor’s Office and other 9 agencies are investigating cases involving bribery and other matters involving joint offices, and a total of 16 defendants are in custody.

Comprehensive reports on the violations of the President and Vice President Election and Removal Act by various local signatories were divided into three parts: suspected of purchasing personal information through pawn shops and other merchants, suspected of paying bribes in cash, and suspected of giving each signatory a bottle of rice wine. Whether there is any other cash or gifts, the inspection is continuing to expand the inventory.

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