His employer mistakenly pays him 300 times his salary, he disappears with the money

It’s an incredible story that happened in Chile. At the end of May, an employee of the food company Consorcio Industrial de Alimentosa was very pleasantly surprised to discover that his salary had been increased. In fact, instead of the usual 500,000 Chilean pesos he receives each month, or about €515, the man received 165,398,851 Chilean pesos, or some €170,000. His salary was therefore multiplied by 300, and this was due to human error.

When the company realized its mistake, it contacted its employee who then promised that he would return the money the next day. Basically, the man was even honest, pointing out the error himself. However, the company did not see the money reaching its account, so it recontacted its employee who said that he had not woken up and that he was going to go to the bank as soon as possible, but he was nothing. A few days later, on June 2, the employee sent his resignation letter through his lawyers. Since then, it has vanished along with the silver.

The company therefore filed a complaint for embezzlement. In addition to having to return the money, the man risks being sued and owing a lot more…

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