HONOR Mission Impossible: Achievements, Future Plans, and the Launch of HONOR 90 5G

2023-07-19 12:20:00
Under the slogan ‘HONOR Mission Impossible’, HONOR revealed its accomplished missions and future plans The global technology brand HONOR is breaking new ground with the launch of its latest smartphone, the HONOR 90 5G. The event, titled HONOR Mission Impossible, demonstrated the brand’s commitment to artificial intelligence technologies and its commitment to achieving new milestones in the Middle East region. The launch event began by highlighting HONOR’s remarkable commercial achievements in 2023. In the Middle East and Africa region, HONOR witnessed an unprecedented 500% shipment growth in the first quarter of the year, cementing its growing market share. In addition, the brand achieved an annual growth of 388% in the first half of the year, indicating its exceptional success in the Middle East region. Continuing the series of achievements, HONOR showcased its innovative devices, including the HONOR X9a, which has the most powerful screen ever. She then highlighted the HONOR Magic5 Pro, which automatically captured the new Guinness World Records title for the highest jump between the Legs Slam Dunk, thanks to its all-new AI Motion Sensing technology. HONOR also proudly announced its partnership as the official smartphone partner of the world’s largest esports and gaming festival, Gamers 8 which boasts an impressive prize pool of $45 million, along with top brands and leaders from various industries. As part of its commitment to the gaming community, the HONOR Magic5 Pro became the 2023 PMWI Official Smartphone Partner with PUBG Mobile, cementing its presence in the gaming industry. Taking the excitement to new heights, HONOR made an unforgettable introduction to the long-awaited HONOR 90 5G smartphone. After creating an atmosphere of anticipation for the HONOR 90 5G phone on social media platforms through what will happen on July 18, the device was legendaryly presented through an airplane, which left the audience in complete amazement and exceeded all expectations. As part of HONOR’s mission and as an attempt to break the Guinness World Records title, the brand aims to create the world’s largest photo album, consisting of photos taken by users on the HONOR 90 5G phone. Attendees and smartphone enthusiasts were encouraged to take and share their photos with the HONOR 90 5G, contributing to the creation of the world’s largest photo album. The launch event showcased HONOR’s achievements, HONOR’s technological advancement, and the brand’s dedication to serving its community. The HONOR 90 5G represents the brand’s vision for 2023 and its commitment to artificial intelligence technologies, with AI Vlog Master software, a comfortable display without eye damage, and a 200MP ultra-clear camera, providing an exceptional smartphone experience for users in the region. The upcoming HONOR 90 5G phone is scheduled to be launched in several countries across the Middle East region, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South Africa and other select countries. In addition, HONOR also introduced its new HONOR Pad X9 tablet, which features a gorgeous 11.5-inch HONOR FullView display, a six-speaker audio system with HONOR Histen technology for sound tuning, and a storage capacity of up to 128 GB. The HONOR Pad X9 also provides Super entertaining and educational. Experiment with a host of smart features and stylish looks. As for wearable devices, the company introduced the HONOR Watch 4, which includes a range of advanced features, including Bluetooth connectivity, fat burning assistant, and 14-day battery life.
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