How do you block unwanted messages on an iPhone?

Rasha Kamal

Tuesday, 07 February 2023 10:06 AM

Apple has done an elegant feature, and a distinctive trick without the sender noticing this trick, and this feature can help the iPhone user put an end to unwanted texts, according to the website. The Sun.These messages are often sent as messages E-mail Phishing, by scammers and through fraudulent scripts such as enticing unsuspecting smartphone users to click on a bad link that downloads malware or directs them to a fraudulent website that discloses the user’s personal information. To stop these messages, iPhone has put several steps in place.

We will review these steps in order:

– Block number from iPhone Open the conversation in Messages, then tap on the name or number at the top of the conversation, tap the info button, scroll down, and tap Block this caller.

Also, in order to avoid unwanted phone calls from Ali number iPhone Users have to open the Calls app and find the caller they want to block, from the last tab at the bottom of the screen tap the information icon to the right of the number or contact you want to block scroll down and tap Block this caller.

The scammers may use another trick, and it comes in the form of spam messages from an unknown number, or from one of the contacts known to users. smart phones .

It might be a phoneiPhone of a known contact has been hacked and the scammer is trying to lure others into downloading certain malware by sending malicious links, if you suspect any message from a friend, family member or colleague may be in the form of spam, do not click on any of these The links are final, and they may send them to you more than once with other numbers, and Apple has done several experiments to know if it has complete control over its smart phones or not, so it did Apple Including the spam protection feature built into the program iPhone iOS..

Apple users should follow these steps:

1Setting, open Settings > Messages > Filter Unknown Messages.

And then users will find iPhone A new tab appears in their messaging application on the left, and following that you will find the SMS contacts, which will contain messages from known contacts in the phone, While on the right will be the new Unknown Senders tab, which will display messages from numbers not saved in the contact book.. Finally, if a certain number bothers you, experts advise blocking the number.

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