How to clean the toilet with mouthwash and leave it spotless

As you well know, with the passing of time the products of cleaning are increasingly varied and specific for any area of ​​the home, especially when it comes to clean up the toilet. However, in general they are quite expensive chemical substances and even polluting, both for our health and for the environment. If you read many of their labels, you will be able to verify what I am telling you.

The good news is that for decades there have been non-toxic alternatives, which, luckily, are more affordable for the pocket. One of them, although it sounds a bit strange, is the mouthwash. Yes! As you read, it not only serves to freshen breath, prevent cavities, reduce plaque or prevent gingivitis, but you can use it as agent cleaner.

Cleaning the toilet with mouthwash

Today I want to tell you how to clean the toilet with mouthwash and take advantage of its antiseptic and antifungal properties to leave this place that so many bacteria and dirt accumulates. It works!

mouthwash wash toilet

The endless fight against dirt, microorganisms and stains in the bathroom is a headache for many. From the damp molddrains with encrusted hair, lime marks in the shower, tiles with whey deposits, but, without a doubt, who wins the battle is him toiletas some call it “the throne”.

Mouthwash is a liquid made up of antiseptic ingredients capable of killing bacteria and microbes responsible for oral diseases, some of which are alcohol, chlorhexidine, cetylpyridinium chloride, hexetidine and triclosan, as well as incorporating menthol or another flavor that maintains the good smelling breath This same effect works with the WC.

You can find it in pharmacies or any supermarketit is economical regardless of its brand and the results it offers are really good. Follow these steps and see for yourself the effects of this hygiene product for daily use and be surprised too.

How to prevent limescale buildup.

clean toilet mouthwash
clean toilet mouthwash

Lime remover.

One way to prevent limescale buildup in the toilet is to use a limescale remover. Limescale removers are available at most hardware stores and They can be used regularly to help keep the toilet clean.

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Bath brush.

Another way to prevent limescale buildup is to use a toilet brush. Toilet brushes are designed to reach those hard to clean areas and can help remove any scale that has already started to build up.

Bathroom cleaner.

A third way to prevent limescale buildup is to use a bathroom cleaner. Bathroom cleaners are often stronger than household cleaners and can help remove any scale.

How to wash the toilet with mouthwash

  1. pours from 2 to 3 capfuls of mouthwash on the edges of the toilet and one in the bottom.
  2. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. With the help of a brush, scrub the inside of the cup vigorously to remove dirt and stains present due to lime or humidity.
  4. pull the chain and see how it turns out.

Although each product is intended for a specific use, it does not mean that it cannot be used for other functions, after all, Viagra was intended to treat heart disease, right? So, Have you ever imagined pouring mouthwash down the toilet?

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