“I can’t take it anymore, I’m cracking up.”

Nabilla is pregnant with her second child. However, as she revealed on Snapchat, her pregnancy is wearing her down.

If Nabilla has, on several occasions, expressed her joy at expecting her second child, she can’t wait to give birth!


The influencer has indeed explained to her Snapchat subscribers that she was at the end of her rope!

“I am less and less able to climb the stairs. I have no more energy. I can’t take it anymore, I want Thomas to carry me, she reveals. So here you go guys. We drag his carcass. We are tired, we have back pain, we are hot. I’ll make a short list for you. And migraine, headache, small contractions. I’m fed up, I’m at the end of it. There are six weeks left, I can’t take it anymore. I crack. I’m tired, I’m not well, I can’t sleep. »

A week ago, the star was also the victim of a malaise – fortunately not serious – which made him fall to the ground. She also shared this misadventure on Instagram, while she was carrying out tests at the hospital in Dubai, where she resides.

But luckily, her husband is there. “I’m lucky to have a husband who is very present, very nice, who doesn’t let go of me. That’s a pregnancy, it’s lived together. We already have to carry the child, it’s not easy psychologically, physically, morally… The dad has to be there and support the mom. I have this chance. Otherwise I would not have had a child, it was my husband who made me want to, ”adds Nabilla.

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