IMSS Medical Services Cost 2024: Everything You Need to Know

2023-12-14 14:17:08

Mexico.– A news that thousands of mexicans that are not yet employed or have not decided to pay medical services with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), this was given Thursday December 14 on the part of the dependenceand it became official in the Official Journal of the Federation.

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It is the unit cost table by level of medical care updated per year 2024for the determination of tax credits derived from constituent capitalinappropriate registrations and attention to NOT beneficiaries.

He type of IMSS services is cataloged in three levels: care in first, second and third level units, and depending on what you require, it is the cost of the care you request.

For example, the family medicine consultation in the first and second level of care, this year it was marked with cost of $1,088 pesos, in 2024 it will be $1,174, a difference of 86 pesos. But in the third level, that of specialties, the service will represent $2,795 for those who request it, 125 pesos more compared to this year 2023, which was marked at $2,670.

One of the services most helped, mainly by pregnant women It’s of tocosurgery (birth and cesarean section), which from 16,981 pesos will go to 19 mil 228a difference of 2 thousand 247 between the year 2023 and 2024. The tocosurgery intervention In the second level service it will be $19,228, while in the third level service it will be 18,936 pesos

We are all exposed to situations that change our lives in seconds, and for many, these circumstances take them without being prepared, which is why it is important to have medical attention that in this case, the IMSS gives all its beneficiaries.

But if you’re wondering what the most expensive service that the IMSS providesthe answer is intensive therapy. The day of care will be 74,584 pesos in the year 2024 in both level two and three. It is daily price remember.

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They follow him study o hemodynamics procedure that in the second and third level they will cost the same next year, 66 thousand 258 pesos. While the surgical intervention It is marked at 39 thousand 344 in the second level and in the third 49 thousand 801 pesos.

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The most economical servicesare the session dialysis of 147 pesoslas evidence for the COVID 252 arreststudies $141 clinical laboratory,, cures of $387 and pathology studies of up to 397 pesos, just remember that when there is an intervention these and more studies or procedures add up and make the bill go up.

Have you already seen the importance of having insurance, your social security?

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