In the video – Madeleine Tabar gives a lion a kilo of meat…what was his reaction?

2023-10-28 08:32:11

Artist and media personality Madeleine Tabar decided to conduct a test on the lion “Romario”, the star of the first episode of the first season of her program “A Sitting with Madeleine”, by going to him inside the circus and experiencing the second meeting with him to find out whether he will remember her or not.

Madeleine went with the work team to the circus headquarters in 6th of October City to meet the trainer, Mohamed Al-Helou, and his lions, four months after the first episode. During the report, the lions’ coach, Muhammad Al-Helou, spoke about the history of the Al-Helu family and how to raise the lions. Madeleine Tabar was able to prove that lions do not have emotional memory. When Romario entered the cage, he did not remember her, even though she tried to get close to him through a kilo of raw meat that she brought as a gift to him, despite the high prices of local meat. Madeleine continued to record positions in her social program “Sitting with Madeleine” and her support for the people of Gaza. Among her segments, she communicated via Zoom with political analyst Mac Sharqawi from the United States of America to comment on the continuation of the series of war on Gaza. Then she hosted the Iraqi writer Alaa Al-Jaber, who allocated an award to Arab youth from his money. Special in theatrical creativity. At the end of the episode, Madeline Tabar hosted Dr. Mahmoud Raziq, who talked about the benefits of natural food and a range of beauty products made from it.

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