Inside the Life of Laura Acuña: From Lawyer to TV Presenter, Mother, and the Challenges She Faces

2023-10-22 02:33:15

Laura Acuña is a Colombian lawyer, model and presenter who left her hometown, Bucaramanga, at a very young age in order to get to television. Although it was not easy, she became part of ‘Noticias RCN’, ‘Very Good Morning’, ‘La Voz’, among others. In addition, she managed to fulfill another of her greatest dreams, becoming a mother. However, she showed that not everything in her life is rosy, because recently, she revealed the ‘tuse’ that she goes through despite having two of her children Helena and Nicolás with her.

And for several months now, the bumanguesa has unleashed rumors regarding her husband Rodrigo Kling, since they have not been seen together for a long time. Even during a past trip, Acuña tearfully said goodbye to her children, since apparently they were staying with her father in the United States.

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Although the presenter did not want to refer to the subject, she makes it clear that the most important thing in her life is her two little ones Helena and Nicolás, counting on the unquestionable support of her parents who reside in her hometown Bucaramanga and with whom a few days ago she was sharing a few days of rest.

Laura, who is usually very active on her social networks, shared the moment of tension she experienced at the airport, because she did not know what her children’s behavior was going to be like. Hours later and excited for her arrival, he showed his fans the luxurious condominium where she would be, then after days of enjoying with family it was time to continue fulfilling her various obligations in Bogotá.

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The presenter first asked her fans: “Are you also worried about leaving your parents’ house?” Hours later, she shared the results of her survey where 92% stated that this situation always occurs among their families while only 8% refused her statements, where Laura highlighted that she felt a little better when she noticed that it was not she alone who was left with this feeling in her heart.

The truth is that the relationship with his parents is still better than ever despite living in different cities, since they have been a pillar in the upbringing of his two children, in addition to being aware of each of the situations that arise. Of course, the actress has highlighted that she is not looking for any other love than that of her two children who are her strength to move forward.

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