insomniacs are more likely to have a heart attack, study finds

More commonly known as “heart attack”, myocardial infarction affects an average of 80,000 people each year in France, with four times less risk in women before menopause, explains health insurance. Some people are more at risk than others of having a “heart attack”, which is manifested by intense and persistent pain in the chest, which radiates to the left arm, wrist and jaw. The insomniacsabove all, must be much more vigilant, because according to a study presented recently to American College of Cardiology (USA), the lack or poor quality of sleep is extremely bad for our heart.

Insomnia therefore, which would affect 15 to 20% of the French population according to Inserm, would increase the risk of heart attack. Until then, this correlation is not really surprising, the lack of sleep was often associated with many cardiovascular diseases. What is more surprising are the numbers. According to the report of the American researchers, in free access on Clinical Radiology, insomniacs are 69 times more likely to have a heart attack than those who have no difficulty falling asleep. To reach this conclusion, the scientists analyzed data from one million people aged 52 on average, 43% of whom were women, with no cardiovascular history.

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