Israeli Airstrike in Gaza: Hamas Leader Jihad Mehsin and Hamas Politburo Member Jamila Al Shantwi Killed – Latest Updates on Rafah Border and Conditions for Entry

2023-10-19 12:32:16

Jerusalem: Hamas security forces leader Jihad Mehsin was killed in an Israeli airstrike. The only female member of the Hamas Politburo, Jamila Al Shantwi, was also killed in the attack. Jamila Al Shantwi is the wife of Hamas co-founder Abdul Aziz Al Ratisi. But so far there has been no official confirmation from Hamas. Nine people were killed in the attack by Israel in Gaza. Seven of the victims were children.

Reports are coming that the Rafah border will be opened tomorrow. If the Rafah border is opened, only 20 treks will be allowed. The treks are allowed to pass only after thorough observation. Israel put forward certain conditions, including that the food and medicine brought in should never be transferred to Hamas-affiliated facilities. More than 150 trucks are outside the Rafah border.

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