Jason Young deletes the sweetest pre-wedding photo on IG Were you caught in the prospect of a failed marriage?

At the end of 2020, the young actor Jason Young has revealed a sweet clip of wearing a ring to a girlfriend outside the industry in instagram jsn_young8 with the message ‘❤18.02.2021❤‘ which is expected to be auspicious in the past year. There is also a sweet pre-wedding shoot. come out to see But the latest in Instagram of the person who has only 3 pictures left, which is a picture of himself. and the image of the text stated that

I’m going to get married Look at the sweet atmosphere when Jason Young wears a ring to his girlfriend by the sea.

“I teach myself.

There are only 3 stories in the world.

1. My Story – Goals, Responsibilities in Life

2. Our story – two or more people understand each other and it’s over.

3. Your story –!!!”

and wrote a caption in the picture above saying “Sathitham on the first Buddhist holy day in the year of the Tiger Sunday, January 2, 2022, the 14th waxing moon of the Ai month (1), the year of the Tiger”

As for the reason why the pre-wedding photos are completely gone, IG comes from what reason, we have to wait to hear the answer from the person’s mouth only.

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