Jean Leloup’s Epic Performance at the Quebec City Summer Festival: Relive His Unforgettable Hits on the Plains of Abraham

2023-07-08 09:00:00

Jean Leloup had things to be forgiven by his admirers in Quebec when he agreed to come and sing all his great hits on the Plains of Abraham, during the 2012 Summer Festival.

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Four years earlier, a concert at the Colisée Pepsi had left bad memories for several spectators. He had arrived late and had spent the evening yelling at the public.

On the Plains, on the contrary, Jean Leloup had been masterful. Generous, smiling, energetic, delighted to be in a sea of ​​people, reported our review.

To mark the occasion, he had engaged in second gear, drawing Isabella, Natalie et Cookie from the start of what he had called a recital.

When we consult the program of 24 titles, 11 years later, we are sorry… that Leloup has not returned to the Summer Festival. There was no downtime. So worried succeeded to rock’n’roll poverty. His mate James Di Salvio supported him on Johnny Go et Voyager. Before the recall, Leloup placed one behind the other The world is crying, Love is merciless, Ants et The dome.

Then, during a seven-song double encore, he completed the Plains with his sweet I Lost My Babywhile smoking a cigarette.

Where are you, Leloup? We are bored.

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