Jiang Tao’s Mud Shark Disturbance|Lu Mixue Kaimi Talks about Mud Shark @Rubberband Again Provokes Scolding and Fighting Netizens Support: Xuexue Hanxi MIRROR

2023-05-12 08:01:57

Jiang Tao’s muddy storm|Lu Mixue opened his mouth to talk about muddy @Rubberband and then provoked scolding and battles.

A few days ago (7th), Jiang Tao, a member of the popular boy group MIRROR, took the stage when he won the “Male Singer of the Year” silver award at the “CHILL CLUB Awards Ceremony” and gave a speech to the other 11 teammates, which aroused a lot of discussion. Rubberband member Ni Yan (Li Wanhong)’s series of posts on social platforms also caused a lot of controversy, and a large number of netizens “refuted fire” on the Internet; finally, on the night of the 10th, RubberBand posted a post on FB, expressing the turmoil caused by his teammate’s recent slip of the tongue , the team is very sorry, and Nisha has deleted all related posts. I thought the matter had come to an end, but I didn’t know that other artists have joined the controversy one after another, including Lu Mixue. When she released “Departure on a Sunny Day” today (12th), she even used “steamed ginger”. “Mud Shark” was joking, Zhong didn’t mind being the target of attack, and said with a smile: “I am sitting in the middle today, and I finally understand the feeling of sitting upright.”


Lu Mixue (11th) opened a microphone to express her feelings about the incident.


Today (12th) Kaimi didn’t mention the incident, but his speech “Steamed with ginger silk” caused a lot of controversy.

Regarding the turmoil between Nisha and Jiang Tao, Lu Mixue said “I can’t take it too far” at the opening of “Departure on a Sunny Day” on the 11th. He believed that everyone has freedom of speech, and even pointed out: “Actually Some things have nothing to do with me. When someone criticizes someone, I just see him criticize him from the sidelines, but because you criticize a person, you are surrounded by a village and a group of people. The person said, “Why are you criticizing him?” I think this phenomenon is unacceptable! There are too many people to be loud, and loud enough to be evil, right? The times have changed, I understand, but we old-fashioned people have our own set of standards when looking at things. I’m getting older, the more I see these things, the more glaring and uncomfortable I feel, what do you think?”

He also believes that everyone has freedom of speech, Zhong said that if he needs to apologize every time after criticism, he has to apologize to others every day, Zhong said: “Some apologies are ‘I was afraid of you, I apologize to you ’, that is to say, let the troubles go away, and the troubles are gone, and there is a follow-up.” However, this remark attracted many netizens to leave a message on the fb page of “Leaving on a Sunny Day” social platform and Lu Mixue’s social platform, pointing out that Ni Shi’s remarks contain foul language, which is no longer as simple as a simple criticism but an attack.

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Some netizens think that Ni Chi’s post with foul language is an attack rather than a simple criticism.


Some netizens believe that Ni Chi’s post is an attack on others and has nothing to do with freedom of speech.


However, there are netizens who support Rubberband.

As of today (12th), although Lu Mixue did not respond to the incident at the opening of “Leaving on a Sunny Day”, she mentioned when sharing the important news: “Zunzi’s work disappeared from the public library in one day. All of them have been taken off the shelf, so it seems that the whole dish of ginger steamed mud is much safer!”, and said “I sat in the middle today, and finally understood the feeling of sitting upright”, and continued to speak with relevant content, it seemed that it was not received by netizens I don’t mind being attacked because of the impact of the message.

Afterwards, quite a few netizens also continued to leave comments on “Let’s Go on a Sunny Day”, but at the same time, some netizens also supported Lu Mixue. Since then, I have been very supportive and tinkering with MIRROR and ERROR, and even before MIRROR became popular, I have cooperated and helped with publicity and so on.


Today (12th) some netizens continued to leave messages of criticism.


Today (12th) some netizens continued to leave messages criticizing Lu Mixue.


Some people even threatened to stop listening to Lu Mixue.


Some netizens support that Xuexue is right about things and not about people, pointing out that Xuexue has always been good tin MIRROR.

有網民指雪雪一直都好錫MIRROR ERROR。

Some netizens pointed out that Xuexue has always been good tin MIRROR ERROR.

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