Judges and magistrates, for judicial independence

2023-07-09 07:07:10

While the national government celebrates Independence Day today through events promoted by the ruling party for the reunion between Sergio Massa, Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner, the Judiciary will do the same tomorrow, Monday, at noon.

The call promoted by judges from the Association of Magistrates and Officials of the National Justice, the two bar associations, the Público de Capital Federal and the one from the City of Buenos Aires (both facing each other), and the Union of Employees of the Justice of the Nation will be tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., “in defense of the independence of Justice” on the steps of the Palace of Courts on Talcahuano Street.

Magistrates from various jurisdictions will participate in the meeting, mainly from the Federal Justice, who intervene in high-impact files where politics and members of the union headed by Julio Piumato are investigated, as well as members of the Council of the Magistracy, the body in charge of promoting , sanction and remove judges as well as administer the Judiciary.

The question that is circulating at this time is the presence of Carlos Rosenkrantz, Horacio Rosatti, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti, ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice, which cannot be ruled out and may have repercussions not only as a result of the latest interventions that had the highest court on electoral issues, as happened with the elections in San Juan and Tucumán, but also because of other decisions that it must make, such as the co-participation conflict between the Nation and the City.

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For Judge Marcelo Gallo Tagle, head of the Amfjn, the call lacks any political connotation, “it is a sign of fatigue of all those who make up the Judiciary and the legal profession, where respect is demanded for the division of powers, the cessation of the permanent attack, especially from those who react in an overwhelming and aggressive way before rulings adverse to their interests, whether political or economic, questioning a State institution, to protect petty and punctual interests of those who attack”.

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