Kasselakis: In a bar in Gazi with Tyler after the “yes” vote in the Parliament – 2024-02-16 13:50:35

In a bar in Gazi with his husband Tyler the president of SYRIZA was found, Stefanos Kasselakisimmediately after passing of the same-sex couple bill in the Plenary Session of the Parliament on Thursday night.

Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting State Law – Party Leaks as Bill Passes

Journalists asked Mr. Kasselakis upon his arrival about the abstention of Pavlos Polakis, with him commenting: “you’re still going to ask me about this?” stressing at the same time that without SYRIZA the bill would not have passed, while without PASOK it would have passed. “I am calling parents, many of you may have a child who belongs to the LGBTI+ community, Greece is moving forward and becoming a progressive country step by step”Mr. Kasselakis said, among other things.

“That’s all you need to know about who is the only progressive party in the country and who is the leader who is not afraid to say things like they are and have no justification for being progressive. Today is a day of joy for Greece, which is moving forward and becoming a modern society,” he said, among other things.

Kasselakis for Samaras: Imagine a former prime minister of any party other than ERE saying “same-sex marriage is not a human right”

“I have a plea to the parents of this country. There is a chance that you will have a child who may belong to the LGBTI community. I know half the country may be divided on this issue. There are many Greek men and women who are abroad and do not return because they know that this mentality belongs to previous times. I want them to see a modern society. To the parents who are in Greece and who have children outside and inside, who in small societies may not feel comfortable to tell their reality, embrace your children”, concluded the president of SYRIZA.

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Kasselakis: In a bar in Gazi with Tyler after the

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