Lower fuel prices in Guadeloupe in August

The prefecture of Guadeloupe has just revealed the fuel prices for the month of August 2022. These prices will come into effect from the 1st.

A liter of unleaded will cost 1.92 euros, i.e. -7 cents compared to July 2022 (€1.99/l). Diesel loses 9 cents compared to July. The liter will cost 1.88 euros once morest 1.97 euros this month.

These prices take into account the government discount of 15 cents at the pump. Without this discount, the price of super unleaded would be €2.07/l and that of diesel €2.03/litre.

In August, the maximum price for a 12.5 kg bottle of liquefied petroleum gas will be €23.60 instead of €23.66 in July 2022, i.e. a drop of 6 cents.

By way of comparison, in mainland France, the average prices recorded in July 2022 are €2.01/l for super unleaded and €1.99/l for diesel.


These prices also result from the evolution of prices which, over the first fifteen quotations for the month of July 2022, finally recorded drops.

The international context is easing due in particular to the swelling of American oil stocks, the risk of a slowdown in the Chinese economy and a global recession due to high inflation and interest rate hikes.

Ultimately, all petroleum products saw their prices drop (Crude: -8.78% – Gasoline: -20.42% – Diesel: – 15.34% – Gas, (- 11.35%); euro/dollar is down 3.86 on average.

The fall of the Euro is due to the combined effects of inflation coupled with slow growth, fears of recession and the war at the gates of Europe.

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