Mariano Martínez reacted to the alleged reduction of the child support quota for his youngest daughter

2023-10-10 13:06:16

Mariano Martínez and Camila Cavallo ended their relationship a few years ago but apparently, the recent romance between her and the model Mario Guerci would have triggered a kind of jealousy in the actor, which would have led him to make a decision that directly affects the daughter of six years that Martínez and Cavallo have in common: she made a reduction in the support that she passes to her mother for her.

Intruders He spoke with Mariano and consulted him regarding these versions that began to circulate and he preferred not to give statements on the matter.

“Look, I honestly don’t talk regarding my intimate or private things anymore because what I learned, and what happened to me, is that I have nothing to clarify anything to anyone or expose my private things because it ends up being counterproductive,” said the actor.

“I have a good relationship with the two mothers of my children, I don’t care what they say, I’m not going to clarify anything,” he added.

“Everything is fine with everyone, I don’t feel like clarifying anything, it’s my private life, if I start talking it’s like I’m ultimately clarifying, the truth is that I know the truth, and nothing more,” he reinforced.

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