Mayor of Jeddah reveals the number of slums to be developed .. and a surprise about the area of ​​lands not owned by citizens • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Mayor of Jeddah Governorate, Saleh Al-Turki, revealed the number of slums to be developed and removed, and the percentage of Saudis in them.

neighborhood places

He said: “There are 64 neighborhoods, in the north of Jeddah, and near the new Jeddah airport there are two neighborhoods, and a neighborhood in Al-Salama, and there are a large group of neighborhoods in the center of Jeddah that prevented growth between the north and south, and it is found on the outskirts of southern Jeddah, and in the east.”

neighborhood area

Al-Turki continued, during his appearance on a program in the photo: “The area of ​​these neighborhoods is 214 million square meters, of which 25 million are with deeds owned by citizens, and the rest are government lands. Many citizens’ lands are attacked.”


He continued: “The number of residents in these neighborhoods, according to statistics, is half a million people, but with the removal these statistics are no longer true, and have become less, especially in the Saudi population density, and all of them are preliminary estimates.”

The percentage of Saudis

He continued: “The percentage of Saudis in the central neighborhoods, such as Ghelil, Petromin and Karantina, is a minority that does not reach 5%, but in other neighborhoods such as Al-Harazat and Al-Ajaweed, the percentage of Saudis is high and may reach 40 or 50%, but in general the percentage of Saudis does not reach half.” .

Saudi cover up

He continued: “What happens is that the Saudis cover up these houses, so the meter and others are registered in his name, and when the statistic is done, his name appears, but in sudden rounds you find them foreigners, violators without residency.”

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