More body parts discovered in Vienna’s Marchfeld Canal

On Saturday afternoon, a fisherman pulled a foot out of the water with his fishing rod and alerted the police. Officers from the “Life/Life” department at the Vienna State Criminal Police Office took over the further investigation. Now more parts have been discovered. “The search is not yet complete,” said spokesman Markus Dittrich. According to police it is a man.

When asked, the police remained very tight-lipped. How many body parts there are so far and when they have been recovered has not been announced. The dead man was a man, as Dittrich announced to the APA on Tuesday morning. The recent irregularities are now being clarified, said the spokesman.

The police are still investigating in all directions, according to the police spokesman. Anything from a suicide victim to an accident to a violent crime is conceivable.

Police divers are now looking for more body parts in the icy waters. The first discovery was in the area of ​​the former Black Paints, where the flow of the water slows down. This area of ​​the Marchfeld Canal is very popular with anglers.


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