New cases of bird flu confirmed in Córdoba and three other provinces

The National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (Senasa) confirmed five new positive cases of avian influenza (AI) H5 in backyard birds in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Río Negro and San Luis, adding up to 19 detections of disease so far.

The Senasa National Laboratory diagnosed new positive cases in samples taken from chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys raised in private residences located in the towns of San Cayetano and Tres Lomas, in the province of Buenos Aires; Roque Saénz Peña, in Córdoba; Choele Choel, in Río Negro, and in the capital of San Luis.

After confirmation of the cases, agents from the Senasa regional centers carried out the corresponding sanitary actions in the affected properties.

In this way, of the notifications handled by Senasa, there are 19 confirmed cases in wild and backyard birds to date: 9 in Córdoba, 3 in Buenos Aires, 2 in Santa Fe, 1 in Jujuy, 1 in Neuquén, 1 in Río Negro, 1 in San Luis and 1 in Salta.

From Senasa they reminded producers and people in general that in case of observing the presence or suspicion of clinical signs compatible with avian influenza in birds or the discovery of dead domestic and/or wild birds, the health agency should be notified by means of the “Senasa Notifications” application or by sending an email to

Notification can also be made by entering the “Notify Senasa” section of the agency’s website or by sending a WhatsApp to 11-5700-5704.

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