NHSO revealed that in 2012, the gold card took care of more than 62,000 kidney disease patients – 146 kidney transplants.

NHSO reveals the year 2022, the Gold Card Fund There are 62,000 kidney disease patients in the system, while the policy ‘chronic renal failure patients can choose the right dialysis method for everyone’ has taken care of 17,000 kidney patients.

on March 9 Dr Chadet Thammathatchaaree, M.D. The secretary-general of the National Health Security Office (NHSO) said that through the National Health Security Fund or 30 baht gold card, it has been included in the care of patients with chronic renal failure as a benefit in the care system. It started in 2008 from the policy “Peritoneal dialysis as the first choice” (CAPD First Policy). At that time, there were still limitations in terms of budget. Dialysis service unit with an artificial dialysis machine And the medical personnel who take care of it are not enough. The peritoneal dialysis can be done by the patient at home with convenience without having to go to the service unit. Conducted in conjunction with hemodialysis benefits in patients who cannot use peritoneal dialysis. and kidney transplant surgery Makes end-stage renal failure patients across the country have access to treatment thoroughly.

“For the benefits of taking care of patients with chronic renal failure The NHSO has continued to develop. In addition to covering essential services such as dialysis fluids which are delivered to patients at home. Erythrocyte stimulating drugs (EPO) Automated Dialysis (APD) service that allows patients to undergo dialysis while sleeping during the night and can work Or study as usual during the day. Patients with chronic renal failure can choose the right dialysis method for everyone. starting from February 1, 2022 for patients with chronic renal failure in the system Decide with your doctor to choose the right dialysis method for everyone. no cost Open for patients to decide how to choose a dialysis method with a doctor. This is another step of the 30-baht gold card system,” Dr. Chadet said.

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The secretary-general of the NHSO said that according to the data of the NHSO, in 2022, the gold card took care of 62,478 chronic renal failure patients, divided into 18,478 peritoneal dialysis patients, 1,234 peritoneal dialysis with automatic machines and There were 40,086 hemodialysis patients, of which 17,000 were hemodialysis patients under the new policy. In addition, there were 146 kidney transplant patients and 2,534 patients receiving renal transplant pressors.


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