No monkeypox found 30 suspected cases – 22,816 worldwide

Department of Disease Control Informed laboratory test results of 30 patients who are suspected of monkey pox, 30 of them did not find any more infections. But coordinate to ask for cooperation to find more contacts. while around the world, 22,816 cumulatively infected people.

Today (1 Aug. 2022), Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Refers to the situation of smallpox or monkeypox after 2 confirmed cases, with reports of 42 contacts who have completed quarantine, 3 of them have 30 suspected cases.

Laboratory results of 30 suspected cases showed no monkey pox infection. But the Department of Disease Control has followed up. and coordinate cooperation with local agencies Accelerate the search for more contacts. to control the spread of the disease

The director-general of the Department of Disease Control said the World Health Organization had recommended that the smallpox vaccination be not needed for the wider population. but may inject in high-risk groups such as frontline medical personnel those who perform duties of caring for patients or staff in the laboratory testing for infection which these risk groups are more likely to be exposed to the infection than the general public

Monkey pox is not as contagious as COVID-19. Most cases occur among men who have sex with men. especially those who have changed multiple sexual partners which is a risk factor for infection Therefore, preventive measures against COVID-19 can still be applied to monkey pox.

For the monkey pox situation (as of 31 July 65), 22,816 confirmed cases worldwide, an increase of 6,502 people in 76 countries around the world. The top five countries with high cases are the United States with 5,189, Spain 4,386, Germany 2,595, the UK 2,469 and France 1,955.

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