“Not a day goes by without someone coming to ask us where to buy cigarettes”: this village in the hinterland of Nice finds its much-awaited tobacco bar

2023-11-04 07:45:00

It is a family which already works in L’Escarène which takes over the reins of this expected business which has been renamed bar-tabac de la Place: Christian Horvath and his partner Nadia Nenou, assisted by their two sons, Yann and Laurent. A family quartet who already manage the bar-restaurant Union Cafe on Place Carnot for eight years and which will therefore be shared between the two businesses.

“Important for social connection”

“Not a day goes by without someone asking us where to buy cigarettessays Yann. Our goal is to make this happen so that people are happy. We are also thinking of the elderly who today have to take the bus to buy the newspaper or a magazine.”.

The tobacco bar will thus offer, in addition to the press and cigarettes that residents had to go to buy several kilometers from the village, the PMU services and other sports betting, scratch games, postcards and a section of children’s toys. .

“We are going to change the layout of the room somewhat”announces with joy Nadia Nenou who ensures this recovery constitutes “a huge job”.

“Reopening the Gare tobacco bar, like any business in a village, means showing its dynamism and vitalityreacted the mayor, Pierre Donadey. The “bistro, village café” spirit means exchanges, contradictions, meetings, around a good coffee, a drink, etc. The councilor “wish long life” to this trade, “known for decades for its conviviality and living together”. A reopening “important for the living environment and social bonds of residents”added on 2e deputy Jean-Claude Vallauri. “It is the representation of a public service and an activity in the village.”

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