Nuclear stations: A ship equipped with Dabaa equipment departs from St. Petersberg

Rahma Ramadan wrote

Saturday, March 11, 2023 10:05 PM

Dr. Amjad Al-Wakeel Chief revealed Nuclear Power Plants Authority that a ship equipped with the first large-sized equipment for the first unit of the Dabaa nuclear power plant set off from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Egypt several days ago.

The agent explained in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” that the ship carries 3 components of a device that is provided to catch the molten core material (curium) of a nuclear reactor in an emergency situation – the basic catch – which is one of the main elements of the negative safety systems of the power unit, explaining that the catch is a A bowl in the shape of a steel cone with a casing diameter of 6120 millimeters, a height of 6110 millimeters and a weight of 744,000 kilos. It was produced in Russia at a special factory.

Al-Wakil indicated that the manufacture of the reactor core trap took 14 months and the manufacturing work began after a successful readiness check in July 2021, and all its technical stages took place inside Russia, pointing out that the reactor core trap is considered a distinctive equipment for the advanced third generation reactors, to which the Dabaa plant reactors belong. It is a unique protection system and the first large-sized device to be installed in the reactor building below the bottom of the reactor vessel with the aim of raising the degree of safety and security of the unit in the event of any occurrence outside the framework of the design to capture the molten basic materials in the event of an unlikely meltdown, which prevents them from escaping and leaking from the building Containment, and thus prevent any potential damage to the containment vessel, as well as prevent the spread of radioactive materials into the environment.

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