“OPPO Find N2 Flip: Latest Software Updates for Maximized User Experience”

2023-04-25 13:50:28

Reporter Ke Zongxin/Comprehensive Report

OPPO announced today (4/25) that the flagship foldable phone Find N2 Flip will release important software updates to further upgrade the operating experience of the external screen on the app, including support for “Spotify cards” when playing music, and the reply after receiving messages will be “Voice-to-text instant reply” is available.

OPPO and Spotify have jointly developed a third-party application for the Find N2 Flip that supports the multifunctional external screen, maximizing the utility of the external screen of the foldable phone. Users can directly enjoy music playback control, song likes and content recommendations without opening the phone. and other convenient functions.
▲ OPPO has released new features including voice-to-text instant reply, providing users with the experience of maximizing the effectiveness of outdoor screens. (Picture: provided by OPPO)

This is the first update since OPPO Find N2 Flip was released in Taiwan in February 2023, which symbolizes OPPO’s determination and commitment to major software system upgrades. At present, the software update will be launched successively from now on, and the function of instant reply from speech to text on the external screen will be realized after the software update. The Spotify card is displayed on the external screen. Users can select the pocket player from the “External Screen Gadgets” in the “Folding Screen Area” of the mobile phone settings and add it to the external screen to enjoy the latest convenient and fast features.
▲ OPPO and Spotify jointly developed a convenient function for Find N2 Flip to support external screen music playback. (Picture: provided by OPPO)

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Peter Dohyung Lee, head of OPPO’s flagship product line, said: “This time we are working directly with Spotify developers to provide the best experience for Find N2 Flip users, from the lightweight and portable design to the industry-leading 3.26-inch multi-functional external screen, With a variety of external screen customization functions to enhance the smoothness and convenience of users. We look forward to continuing to optimize and provide users’ favorite application software this year, so that users can express themselves and unleash their creativity more freely.”

News source: Minsheng Toutiao

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