PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Saturday January 15 at Vincennes: Elie de Beaufour panics the clock

Arrival of the fifth : 9 – 11 – 3 – 2 – 7

In 2021, Face Time Bourbon completed its Prix d’Amérique course in the kilometer reduction of 1′10′’8. In this Prix du Forez, support of the fifth, Elie de Beaufour (#9) achieved a very high value by chasing behind Fire Cracker (#11). The pupil of Jean-Michel Bazire thus displayed the formidable reduction in mileage of 1′11′’1, just three tenths of the record set by the double title holder of the Prix d’Amérique. However, the multiple Sulky d’Or had set off in pursuit of the leader 1,500m from the finish, something not very easy to achieve. “The horse was unshod on all fours and we had a leader of choice,” says Jean-Michel Bazire on the winners’ podium. When I pressed the accelerator, it responded well and the straight line was like a sea trip.” JMB took the opportunity to sign a fourth consecutive success in this event, following Colonel, Valokaja Hindo and Cleangame.

If the winner’s performance is excellent, that of his runner-up, Fire Cracker, is not to be minimized. As usual, Éric Raffin’s partner led the event at full speed, and supported his effort until the end. Third during the course, And here is Muze (n°3) kept this position until the post passed. For You Madrik (n°2) took fourth place following a good end of the race while Cash of the Oak (n°7) completes the good combination of the fifth.

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Stéphan Flourent indicated the trifecta in the order in just five horses.

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