Premier League 2023/24: Fulham vs Chelsea Match Recap and Results

2023-10-02 22:07:32

Program: Football English Premier League 2023/24
Competition day: Monday 2 October 2023
Stadium: Craven Cottage
Match result: Fulham 0-2

The closing match of Premier League Match Day 7 on Monday night, Chelsea must visit fellow Londoner Fulham with a team full of problems. Especially the front line that lost Nicholas Jackson, who was banned in this game. But they pulled out good form at the right place at the right time, scoring 2 goals in a row from Mikailo Mudrik and Armando Broya, until they achieved their second victory in the Mauricio Pochettino era.

Robert Sanchez – 7

The first half was easy. There were only high cuts and kicks to open the game. No need to save anything at all. The second half was a little harder. And there was an important save in the 78th minute to prevent Sasha Lukic’s close charge from being hit.

Levi Colville – 8

Continued in the left-back position when Ben Chilwell was injured and did an excellent job of assisting Mikailo Mudrik to score a 1-0 lead while controlling the defense. without defects

Axel Disasi – 7

Played smoothly with Thiago Silva in the first half. When dealing with Fulham’s only striker, Raul Jimenez, the second half faced a bit more trouble when the forward was changed to Carlos Vinicius, but it was nothing beyond his abilities.

Thiago Silva – 7

Coordinates well with partner Disasi in cutting into the tag of Fulham’s target striker, Raul Jimenez, and when changing to Carlos Vinicius, it may More pressure But it was not a big problem in closing the game and keeping a clean sheet.

Mark Gugureya – 7

Was moved to right back again. Had to face a tough guy like Willian until he lost a yellow card in the first half hour. which makes it impossible to enter again But it is considered to be played with discipline and dedication. Do not open up space for competitors to enter.

Moises Caicedo – 8

He came in so hard that he was on the verge of receiving a yellow card in the first 4 minutes, but after that it was a satisfactory performance from the Ecuadorian midfielder. in coordinating with friends around Run up and down without tiring. and effectively blocking the creation of games from Fulham’s midfield

Connor Gallagher – 7

Standing in the middle to support the low man alongside Caicedo, but also being an extra attacker from the second line when Chelsea moved forward. And throughout the game, it is considered to be useful both offensively and defensively. Just when the opportunity comes, play it bluntly. A little tactless.

Cole Palmer – 6

He almost had an assist in the 2-0 goal when he intercepted Tim Ream’s pass, before it was the Fulham defender who kicked a clearance that hit Armando Broya’s legs and headed into his own goal. However, overall this game is not considered outstanding. There was a slow, languid rhythm of play that was easy to lose, so much so that Pochettino had to study intensively during halftime.

Enzo Fernandez – 7

There are few mistakes as an attacking midfielder who plays the ball and shapes the attacking game. When by skill it is considered difficult to lose the ball Including the balls, they are of high quality. But the finishing time by itself is still negative. His shot over the crossbar was natural and in the 62nd minute his shot from close range was saved by Bernd Leno.

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Mikailo Mudric – 8

Did a good job in knocking out Armando Broya in the first minute. As for after that, there were some good deeds and some bad deeds. But they broke through and scored the first goal in the 18th minute, which is considered a good form that can be seen once in a while. It’s a pity that only the first half was played.

Armando Broya – 7

It started after just over a minute and should have taken the lead when Bernd Leno was already snatched away, but he socked hopelessly over the crossbar. But was able to make amends on the next opportunity, 19th minute, which was considered to be a little lucky. Let the ball be intercepted by Tim Ream, hit his leg and bounce inside. Then in the second half, playing until the 63rd minute, he fell injured himself. Demonstrates poor physical condition


Jan Maatzen (in place of Mikailo Mudrik, 46th) – 7

They almost scored a goal to make it 3-0 away in the 62nd minute, but the damn ball flew straight towards the goal post. And even though the flicker is inferior to Mudrik’s, he has been able to help with the defensive game.

Raheem Sterling (in place of Armando Broya, 64) – 5

Go down and shoot the trigger at the moment the ball dies. Received a yellow card in disgrace. Considered to be Chelsea’s most disappointing man today, when being on the bench did no harm at all.

Lesley Ugochukwu (replacing Cole Palmer 78) – 6

Go down to pack the midfield game. Tighten it up so there are no mistakes. which is considered nothing damaged

Alex Matos (replaces Enzo Fernandez, 90+5) N/A

Changed it down just to experience the game. The last few seconds

Noni Madueke (replaces Moises Caicedo, 90+5) N/A

Only changed to replace Caicedo who was injured in injury time.

Fulham FC v Chelsea FC – Premier League / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

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