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If at the end of December, the Breton Celtic rock group, Soldat Louis, released an EP made up of four old songs covered in an acoustic version, it has already been since 2017 that the last album, “Some news from the front”, was released. Friday, June 10 in the morning, the Lorient rockers unveiled a new single, entitled “Born in Europa”, and announced in passing the upcoming release of their ninth album.

“The puzzle becomes power”

The musicians, who usually do not hesitate to show their pride in being Breton, as in pieces such as “Fils de Lorient”, appear, this time, Europeans. “Assembling these countries of old acquaintances, welding the puzzle together becomes power”, sings the leader of the group, Serge Danet. “We said to ourselves that after centuries of war, engraved in the hearts and the flesh, the trenches gave way to business centers, other fights, other ways”, can we still hear, on a music mixing , as often with Soldat Louis, electric guitars and bagpipes.

In the chorus, “Born in Europa” is chanted several times, most certainly a reference to the famous song “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen. “Raised fist, raised from the sacred union, raised fist, raised from freedom, no cowboys here below, just Born in Europa”, sing the rockers.

Soon a next album

In a message posted on Facebook, the Bretons also promised the arrival of a next studio album, but without specifying a release date. This will be their 9th album. The first, “Première Bordée”, released in 1988, had allowed them to acquire a reputation throughout France, in particular thanks to their piece “Du rhum, des femmes”.

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While waiting for the album, the group will be visiting several regions of France and even Switzerland this summer.

Four dates are currently planned in Brittany, June 24 in Vern-sur-Seiche (Ille-et-Vilaine), July 2 in Plouay (Morbihan), July 9 in Pont l’Abbé (Finistère) and July 22 July in Combourg (Ille-et-Vilaine).

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