Product Lada Kalina Pro – what is hidden under this name? Let’s look at the first drafts

2024-01-17 02:00:42

In recent years, reports have regularly appeared about the possible expansion of the AvtoVAZ model range with completely new cars. According to some reports, this may happen due to the company’s search for foreign partners for the joint development of models with a high degree of localization of production in Russia.

These assumptions inspired an independent designer to create the concept of the future Lada Kalina Pro 2024-2025. The car shown in the renderings looks quite conservative. The prototype for it was the Chinese hatchback Changan Eado XT, discontinued in its homeland. The choice in favor of Eado XT is due to several reasons. Firstly, this is a relatively inexpensive and well-equipped car. Secondly, AvtoVAZ’s Chinese partner will most likely offer for localization an obsolete model that is not in demand at home.

It is worth emphasizing that this Lada Kalina Pro 2024-2025 has no relation to AvtoVAZ’s actual plans. However, such cooperation could be beneficial to both parties. AvtoVAZ would receive a new car, and Changan would increase its share of the Russian market in the face of increased competition among Chinese brands. Although the actual plans of companies may differ greatly from the designer’s imagination.

Published: 01/17/2024 | Author: Sergey Valitov

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