Promising Results: Tidopy Vaccine Demonstrates Lower Mortality Rate in Advanced Lung Cancer Patients Compared to Chemotherapy

2023-09-12 06:44:13

Yesterday, Monday, the French biotechnology company “Osé Immunotherapeutics” announced positive results for its therapeutic vaccine, “Tidopy”, in patients suffering from advanced lung cancer, as this vaccine led to a lower risk of death compared to chemotherapy.

The results published on Monday by the Annals of Oncology journal for the third phase of the clinical trial, which is the phase prior to launching the vaccine, showed that “44.1% of these patients were still alive one year after the start of treatment in the group receiving the vaccine, while “Only 27.5% were still alive in the chemotherapy group,” according to Agence France-Presse.

The main author of the study called “Atalante-1”, Director of Clinical Research at the Gustave-Russy Institute, Professor Benjamin Pace, explained that “the study also showed that replacing chemotherapy with a vaccine allows for a better quality of life for patients” and reduces side effects.

Nicolas Poirier, General Director of Osi Immunotherapeutics, said in a virtual press conference that these results provide “new hope for these patients,” noting that more than 1,000 injections were conducted during various clinical studies, according to the French agency.

Therapeutic cancer vaccines aim to educate the immune system to specifically recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Ozi Immunotherapeutics explained that the “Tedobi” vaccine has proven effective in patients with the HLA-A2 gene, which is present in half of the population.

Patients who entered the randomized trial had previously received chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Professor Bingaman Pace indicated that the study has not completed the process of patients volunteering for the trial due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and therefore it “does not have the required power,” but it “enables us to understand which group actually benefited” from the vaccine, which is the group of patients who initially responded to immunotherapy. Before they relapse.

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A total of 219 patients participated in the study in 9 European countries and the United States, 139 who received Tidobi and 80 who received chemotherapy.

The vaccine was initially given every 3 weeks, then every 8 weeks for a year, then every 12 weeks.

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