Promoting Self-Care and Well-being: Externado de Colombia University’s Wellness Week

2023-08-25 21:40:25

With the firm purpose of promoting self-care in the academic community, the appropriation of healthy habits and the prevention of diseases, the Externado de Colombia University and its Department of University Well-being developed various activities focused on improving the quality of life of students, teachers and officials. (you).

Our House of Studies, in addition to academic and professional training, provides multidisciplinary tools to its community to form upright citizens, who do not see professional success as the only important thing, but who recognize that the human being has different dimensions than in together translate into well-being and quality of life.

“At University Wellness we talk regarding comprehensive well-being and we take care of promoting the physical, emotional, aesthetic, ethical, artistic, cultural, spiritual, personal finance dimension, that is, we understand well-being in a holistic way, contributing to the externadistas skills so that they can self-know, self-manage and have a more pleasant life”, affirmed Nohora Robayo, director of University Well-being.

The activities that took place during the Externadista Wellness Week, in which more than three thousand people participated, addressed issues related to mental health, sexual and reproductive health, healthy eating, self-care, energy repair, disease prevention, among others. The University Wellness team also brought together different allies from the public and private sectors to bring a message of self-care and disease prevention to the Externadista community.

“This Externadista Wellness Week translates into the development of healthy habits: it is reflection on life itself, on the spaces we occupy, on how we feel and how we want to feel, within the framework of developing skills and abilities to build the well-being that each one imagines and for which they build their meaning”, commented Leonardo Díaz, coordinator of Human Development.

The entire Externadista community has been able to enjoy and learn from each of the activities carried out. Medical personnel from Mediexpress and the San José Hospital were invited by the University to develop blood donation days and health brigades to guide officials, teachers and students on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, cervical cancer , blood pressure, among others.

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During the Externadista Wellness Week, a pet adoption day was also held, understanding that animals provide emotional support and contribute to the care of the mental health of human beings; and the screening of the film ‘Un varón’ was held, which culminated in a conversation with its director, Fabián Hernández, and its protagonist, the actor Felipe Ramírez.

“The Externadista Wellness Week has seemed super important to me, because we are constantly immersed in stressful activities, which imply that we neglect our physical and mental health. Participating in these spaces has allowed us to show love towards ourselves, and it seems incredible to me that the University and University Well-being facilitate these meetings in which we can have everything at hand”, affirmed the law student and student representative, Ana Sofía Mora.

On Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27, the Externadista Wellness Week will end with activities for postgraduate students, the start of the Externadista Olympics, and an ecological walk that will allow attendees to reconnect with nature. .

From the Externado de Colombia University, we thank the University Wellness team for their commitment and dedication in organizing this activity, which has had a positive impact on the quality of life of our externadistas.

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