“Proprioception Reprogramming for Learning Disabilities: Understanding Dysproprioception and its Diagnosis”

2023-05-15 14:36:17

We begin “a proprioceptive reprogramming”, that is to say that we will work directly on the level of proprioception, with a posturologist.

Initially a postural assessment will be carried out which will allow to make an differential diagnosis work which will allow to know if the origin of the learning disability is a dysproprioception or not

When a diagnosis of dysproprioception is confirmed, it becomes important to look for the underlying factors that may be causing the dysfunction.

Just like when a company experiences dysfunctions, a thorough analysis is necessary to understand which elements are not fulfilling their role correctly. In the human body, every muscle and joint constantly sends proprioceptive information to the brain. However, if all this information is transmitted simultaneously, it can saturate the brain with contradictory or useless information. This is why “department heads” exist to synthesize and prioritize the information sent to the brain. These department heads are the feet, the mouth and the eye muscles, which send synthetic and priority information.

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