Protesters Loot Louis Vuitton: Unraveling the Impact of Riots on Luxury Brands

2023-07-01 15:26:42

Louis Vuitton suffers from looting by protesters.

Young rioters clashed with police and looted stores including Louis Vuitton’s on Friday, the fourth day of riots in France. caused by the shooting death of a teenager by the policeputting more pressure on President Emmanuel Macron, who had called on parents to keep their children off the streets and blamed social media for fueling the unrest.

Despite repeated calls by the government for stricter and calmer policing, Friday also saw brazen violence in daylight.

Louis Vuitton suffers from looting by protesters.

Protesters unleash their fury against the big monopolies

An Apple store was looted in the eastern city of Strasbourg, where police fired tear gas and the windows of a fast-food outlet were smashed in a Paris-area shopping mall, where officers repelled people trying to enter the store. a closed store, authorities said.

The southern port city of Marseille, initially spared from the violence that first erupted in the Paris region, was experiencing its second night of turmoil. Even before dark, the youths threw projectiles, set fires and looted shops, police said. They made nearly 90 arrests.

Friday night, looters broke into a Marseille gun shop and made off with weapons, and a man was later arrested with a hunting rifle, police said. The night before, two off-duty officers suffered serious injuries, including one being stabbed, when they were attacked by about 20 people, police said.

Lyon city authorities reported that rioters again set fires and threw police into the suburbs. In the city center, police made 31 arrests to stop an attempted looting of shops after an unauthorized protest against police violence that drew some 1,300 people on Friday night.

Violence was also breaking out in some of France’s overseas territories.

In French Guiana, a 54-year-old man was killed by a stray bullet Thursday night when rioters fired on police in the capital, Cayenne, authorities said.

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On the small Indian Ocean island of Réunion, protesters set rubbish bins on fire, hurled projectiles at police and damaged cars and buildings, authorities said. Some 150 officers were deployed there on Friday night.

Faced with an escalating crisis that hundreds of arrests and mass police deployments failed to quell, Macron refrained from declaring a state of emergency, an option used in similar circumstances in 2005.

Macron also zeroed in on social media platforms that have broadcast dramatic images of vandalism and burning cars and buildings, saying they are playing a “considerable role” in the violence. Pointing to Snapchat and TikTok, he said they were being used to stage riots and served as conduits for mimicking violence.

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